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Greetings to you pilgrim, and welcome to my website. I hope that traversing its length and breadth will fill you with joy the likes of which you have never known. Failing that, you can at least find information on my books, clips of my stand-up, and stupid blog articles I write from time to time.

In case you are looking for real information about me, let me commence writing in third person so it seems less biased.

Sam Bowring, also known by the street name ‘Medium Size Bow Wow’, is an AMAZING author based in Sydney, Australia. He has written many incredible books to overwhelming critical acclaim, such as the highly original Broken Well trilogy and the hauntingly beautiful Strange Threads duology. Also a hilarious stand-up comedian, he has been performing for twenty years, and been nominated for many impressive awards – although luckily he has never actually won anything, so his mild success never went to his head. He also designed a card game called Bedlam which is very complex and a huge commercial failure.

Okay, that should do it. Back to first person.

If you want to let me know of something or other, feel free to email me (sam at sambowring dot com), and then I will feel free to decide whether to open it or not. I probably will, but sometimes probably is a long time.

I hope you enjoy my site and thanks for dropping by!

“It’s amazing that Bowring has taken this form of story-telling and used it to tell a fantasy story to an adult audience. It works very well in e-book format because all the choices are hyperlinked to the relevant page – no endlessly flipping back and forth! … There are ribald jokes and double entendres throughout … Malacandros is also a terrifying boss (but sometimes he’s really nice!), and the atmosphere of the book is danger-filled and darkly humorous.”
– Speculating on SpecFic

In this darkly funny choose-your-own-adventure-style gamebook, YOU play the conniving butler to the dark lord, and the choices you make as a reader shape the story.

With multiple pathways and 9 different endings to discover (not to mention plenty of ways to meet an untimely demise), you’re going to have your work cut out for you ensuring the castle runs smoothly. This is Downton Abbey meets Mordor – will you serve-vive?

– Navigate a cast of treacherous nobility and unwelcome relatives
– Help the household werewolves make it through ‘that time of the month’
– Manage a kitchen staff of stupid goblins
– Teach the castle harpies the merits of personal hygiene
– ‘Accidentally’ sleep with a virgin due to be sacrificed to the Shadow God
– Sample too much booze in the wine cellar
– Serve a feast of live balfrog tadpoles
– And much more!



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