COMING SOON: Scharlette Doesn’t Matter and Goes Time Travelling

A bored girl with a stupid name finds out she’s sterile and never does anything important, so she has no impact on the timeline whatsoever – and thus she is free to travel time and space and have amazing adventures with heedless abandon.

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Giving Away My First Born Child

Prophecy’s Ruin, book one of the Broken Well trilogy, is now free at ebook retailers.

It’s a colourful high fantasy with an evil talking bird in it that actually ends, so what more do you want? I mean, really.

Blurb and links here.

Signed Copies of Little Bad Wolf

The Little Bad Wolf is always looking for ways to make trouble, but it’s hard to be bad when you’re only little.

This is a fun book that encourages you to growl at your kid, beautifully illustrated by Lachlan Creagh.

It can be purchased here, signed by me to persons of your desire.

Giving Away My Stupid Other Child

This is book 1 in a series of fast, funny reads. It is FREE and will be FREE FOREVER unless I change my mind whenever I like.
It’s about three degenerates who live in the worst apartment block in the known universe.

WARNING: Full of crazy dumbness and swearing.

Links and blub ‘ere.