A comic sci fi adventure with heart

‘The book is charming and riotously funny. The most enjoyable aspect of the story is its unpredictability.’
– Aurealis Magazine

‘It’s hard to describe why this book is good without spoiling a single part of it.’
– Two Doctors Media Collaborative

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Epic fantasy with a twist

‘some of the finest writing of action I’ve ever read …. one of the coolest fantasy series to come along in an age … the stuff of fantasy writer’s fantasies.’ 
– AurealisXpress

‘If you are sick of cliche heroes and villains then this is the one to read.’ ****
– Australian Bookseller + Publisher

FREE as an ebook

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A fun kids book (3+)

Personally signed by the author (hi!) to your own little bad wolves

Beautiful illustrations

Paperback or hardback

Growl at your kids!


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