Commonly Answered Queries

Q. Why is this called a CAQ and not an FAQ?
A. I would say these queries are ‘common’ rather than ‘frequent’.

Q. There’s not really a lot of difference in the meaning of those words though, is there?
A. Depends how you look at it.

Q. Well …
A. That’s not really a query.

Q. I mean, why not just go with convention and call this an FAQ, so your readers will instantly recognise what it is?
A. Most wouldn’t click on an FAQ as they hummingbird their way around the internet, but maybe I can grab their fleeting attentions if I mix things up a bit?

Q. Are these queries really commonly asked, or are you just making them up?
A. Surely you mean, ‘are these queries really commonly answered?’

Q. Sure, if I must.
A. I’m just making them up.

Q. So there’s no real information in this page?
A. Not really. Unless you want ask me how I come up with ideas for books?

Q. Okay great, how do you come up with ideas for books?
A. Oh, I don’t know really. Just think up crazy stuff and write it, I guess.

Q. Right. Well thanks for your time, this has been extremely enlightening.
A. Again, not really a query, but no worries.

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