The Legacy of Lord Regret

Book 1 of the Strange Threads duology

Centuries have passed since the Wardens slew the tyrant Lord Regret, but while the Wound that he ripped in the sky remains open, the earth trembles and the sun vanishes without warning.

The great warrior Rostigan wanders Aorn, weary of battle and unwanted renown. With him travels his lover, the minstrel Tarzi, who hopes she may soon witness further deeds from him worthy of song and tale. Despite Rostigan’s reluctance to re-enter the world, she may get what she wishes for, as when they travel to the once magnificent city of Silverstone, they discover it has been wrenched out of existence. Journeying onwards, they come to learn the disturbing truth. The land has descended into chaos for the Wardens, now craving destruction, have returned from their ancient graves and Lord Regret’s malicious legacy grows ever stronger, corrupting the very nature of reality.

The Legacy of Lord Regret was selected for the ‘Get Reading: 50 Books You Can’t Put Down’ campaign in 2012.

“The story is driven equally by action and characters and the author’s style is utterly mesmerising … I have rarely read a fantasy novel so engrossing.”
– Courier Mail

“One of the wonderful things about Bowring’s writing style is that he doesn’t under-estimate his audience – anytime he wants you to be in the dark about something, you truly are in the dark, which keeps the suspense levels high.”
– Speculating on SpecFic

“Bowring writes with a relaxed style that makes it easy to devour the novel, [but] there’s quite a lot of depth to this.”
– Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus