Out Now, Depending on Your Temporal Location

I like to describe my new book as ‘a contemporary time travel adventure with heart (and no plot holes)’.

Can you imagine how hard it is to write a time travel book without plot holes? It’s amazing, to be honest, that I succeeded.

Or did I?

You be the judge! I spent so long on my back staring at the ceiling, working my way through impossible tangles, that I began to wonder if perhaps I’d gone mad – was this any way to spend my life? To spend TIME ITSELF, the most precious resource any of us possess, lying on the floor, wondering what happens if you travel to the past and poke yourself in the eye as a baby?

Who even knew if I would complete the book? And if I did, would anyone ever read it?

Well, I DID and WE’LL SEE.

The point is, I laboured away to make this absolute nonsense believable and free of confusingness. This isn’t time travel with boring paradoxes like ‘I’m my own dad’, or whatever. The feedback thus far (glowing, by the way) suggests the time travel stuff is easy to follow.

You can find nice reviews saying this on the inevitable links.

Speaking of which, if you’ve read this far, surely you’re at least wanting to go look at the blurb, and see what the hell this supposedly incredible book has to say for itself?