2 – 4 players
Ages 12+ 30
60 mins
Fantastic original artwork by punk rocker Mike Foxall
Two levels of difficulty, beginner and expert.
Collectors edition tin! Never to be repeated!
Out of the ordinary – a theme like no other in your collection.

Bedlam is a crazy, frightening, funny place. There are weird and wacky enemies at every turn, not to mention life’s little ordeals, like having to stop Armageddon! To make matters worse, your psychotic opponents are constantly screwing you over, by trying to send you crazy or scare you to death! Bedlam has a bunch of original features and mechanics designed to drive you batso.

“Bedlam is, hands down, one of the greatest card games that I have ever played. If you’re not playing it, then you’re missing out on something really special.”