Prophecy’s Ruin

Book 1 of the Broken Well trilogy

For a millennium the lands of Kainordas and Fenvarrow have been at war, ever since the gods of shadow and light broke the Great Well of Souls. In the absence of victory a stalemate persists – until a prophecy foretells of a child of power who will destroy the balance forever.

Mages from the two lands race to claim the newborn, but in a ferocious battle of magic fought over the baby, his very soul is ripped apart, leaving two boys in its wake. Each side seizes a child, uncertain whether they now possess the one capable of victory.

Bel grows to be a charismatic though troubled warrior, Losara an enigmatic and thoughtful mage. Both are strong, yet incomplete. As they struggle to discover their destinies, each must ask the ultimate question: will he, one day, have to face himself?

‘some of the finest writing of action I’ve ever read …. one of the coolest fantasy series to come along in an age … the stuff of fantasy writer’s fantasies. An epic, enthralling, towering triumph.’ 
– AurealisXpress
Prophecy’s Ruin may just be the start of the next big thing in Australian Fantasy.’
– Weekend Australian on Prophecy’s Ruin
‘If you are sick of cliche heroes and villains then this is the one to read.’ ****
– Australian Bookseller + Publisher
‘impeccable and a riveting read.’
– OZ online reviews