Scharlette Kills 99% of Germs
(Scharlette Day Book 2)

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As Scharlette journeys to the time travelling space station known as Panoptica, she has no idea how she’ll be received by its crazily futuristic inhabitants.
Do they know she’s a runaway from ancestral Earth? The first person-from-the-past ever to drop by and say hi? Oh, and that she helped foil an elaborate plot to stop their president from ever existing in the first place?
Will everyone want to give her a medal, maybe?
Instead President Charkie thanks Scharlette by asking her to save humanity from a terrifying alien race of vicious murderbugs known as the Germs. These sons-of-peaches will eviscerate anything they can fix their eyeball stalks on – and they’re harder to squash than ever, now that they’ve stolen Panoptician time travel tech.
Scharlette isn’t sure that assigning such a monumentally important task to a woman with basically zero experience in galactic warfare is such a great idea. She isn’t sure about that at all.
The Panopticians are sure though – they think it’s a great idea!