Strange Threads

Lord Regret has been bone and dust for three hundred years, yet the damage he caused the Great Spell worsens, warping the patterns behind all things. The earth trembles, the sun flickers like a candle in the breeze, and falling leaves keep on spinning, never to reach the ground.
The great warrior Rostigan wanders the wilderness with his minstrel Tarzi, disturbed by the growing corruption. When the pair discover that an entire city has been removed from existence, and that ancient threaders have returned from their graves to spread chaos and destruction, he is finally forced to knock the dust from his sword.
Weary of battle as he may be, Rostigan knows that if he does nothing, the world will crumble, and without the world, well – he will never be able to complete his true quest.
“perfectly paced and truly addictive. A fresh page turner.”
– Manly Daily
“I have rarely read a fantasy novel so engrossing.”
– Courier Mail
“Bowring writes with a relaxed style that makes it easy to devour the novel”
– Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus
The epic tale of Strange Threads reaches its stunning finale in Volume 2: The Lord of Lies.
“The book is paced well, the action is engaging and the plot flows smoothly, relentlessly towards its conclusion and then crescendos.”
– Speculating on SpecFic