The Little Bad Wolf

The Little Bad Wolf is always looking for ways to make trouble, but it’s hard to be bad when you’re only little! 

This is a hilarious take on classic fairytales for ages 3+, complete with lots of fun opportunities for parents to growl at their kids, and beautiful illustrations by the wonderfully talented Lachlan Creagh.

An author never quite knows what they’re going to get with an illustrator they haven’t worked with before, but Lachlan’s work has absolutely blown me away. These pages are bursting with a treasure trove of fairytale characters – I myself keep finding new jokes and references in them every time I look through.

The story is pretty good too, if I may say so myself.

Below is one of my favourite panels, in which the Little Bad Wolf huffs and puffs and blows away all of Mrs Pig’s mail. What I particularly like here is, if you look for it you can see an older, fatter Hansel and Grettle trying to burn off the calories that must come with living in a house made from gingerbread and candy.

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